Covid-19 Ethics Resources

A collection of external journals, articles, podcasts and materials related to Covid-19.

These resources are included for informative reasons and are not an endorsement of any particular stance or opinion

Feeling burnt out from Covid-19? This resource has been created by David Goodman, John Hopkins School of Medicine, to help HCPs dealing with Covid-19 on the frontline avoid burnout PeerVoice

An explorative piece on the palliative care approach to patients with severe Covid-19 The BMJ

Covid-19: How to triage effectively in a pandemic. An opinion piece in the BMJ

Clinical guidance for managing Covid-19 Royal College of Nursing

COVID-19 guidance on DNACPR and verification of death Royal College of Nursing

NICE guidance for Covid-19 clinical management: Critical care in adults NICE

Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health Covid-19 guidance for acute settings RCPCH- Acute

Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health Covid-19 guidance for community settings RCPCH- Community

Post-virus reopening is more about ethics than science. Views from across the pond  Bloomberg Opinion

Useful document produced by UKCEN providing information regarding principles to consider in decision making surrounding resource allocation UKCEN

A thought provoking article discussing alternative methods of allocation resources at a time when the NHS is stretched due to the burden of Covid 19 The BMJ

The ethical allocation of scare resources- an ethical approach considered by Beatrice Brown BillofHealth

Maximising Ventilators: Some Ethical Complications Practical Ethics

What if two COVID-19 victims need ventilators and just one is available? Scientific American

Fair and equitable access to Covid-19 treatment and vaccines- a policy briefing document published by Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Guidance published by the BMA for the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination programmes The BMA

Giubilini A. An Argument for Compulsory Vaccination: The Taxation Analogy. Journal of Applied Philosophy 37(3)

Giubilini A, Douglas T, Savulescu J. The moral obligation to be vaccinated: utilitarianism, contractualism, and collective easy rescue. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 21(4):547–60

‘Here’s how to tackle the Covid-19 anti-vaxxers’- an opinion piece published in the Guardian

An informative opinion from a legal expert from the Garden Court Chambers- Coronavirus Act 2020: Does it permit mandatory vaccinations?  Garden Court Chambers

Compulsory vaccination – the next step for Covid-19?UK Human Rights Blog

A short article on the topic of vaccine hesitancy The Conversation

‘Love thy neighbour? Allocating vaccines in a world of competing obligations’ Journal of Medical Ethics


Carrying out research during the Covid-19 pandemic. Practical and ethical considerations LSE impact blog

The ethics of challenge trials The Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Accepting the Challenge: Covid Vaccine Challenge Trials Can Be Ethically Justified The Hastings Center



Podcasts highlighting the ethical challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic Pandemic Ethics

COVID-19 Immunity Testing: A Passport to Inequity Issues in Science and Technology

The troubling prospect of immunity certificates The Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Van den Hoven M. ‘Why One Should Do One’s Bit: Thinking about Free Riding in the Context of Public Health Ethics’. Public Health Ethics 5(2): 154–160

Covid-19 and the cost of vaccine nationalisation Rand

Managing the pandemic with lockdowns- does ethics have a place? The Independent

Data ethics experts assess the use of contract tracing as an ethical measure to battle Covid-19 Nature

Public health weighed against individual privacy in a bid to achieve a common good. Personal privacy matters  The Verge

Responding to Covid‐19: How to Navigate a Public Health Emergency Legally and Ethically. A Hasting Center Report

The BMA have produced a useful podcast which addresses common ethics issues and guidance raised by Covid 19 The BMA

The Committee on Ethical Issues in Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has developed the following guidance for frontline staff The Royal College of Physicians

Covid-19 broad ethical advice from the Department of Health NI Department of Health NI

This article delves duty into the duty to care of HCP during the SARS and Influenza pandemic with ideas relevant to the current Covid-19 pandemic- Bensimon et al 2012

Duty to treat: where do the limits lie? The BMJ

Breaking bad news- the ethical challenges through the eyes of a paramedic Journal of Medical Ethics

COVID-19’s ethical dilemmas: conversations at the dinner table. Views from Australian palliative care specialists InSight +

Sedating the wandering patient. Is this ever ethically justified? UKCEN

Should frontline HCP receive preferential treatment  The Conversation

Covid- 19 and the moral injury that may follow- a short Inside Heath podcast

A comprehensive podcast discussing different ethical considerations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic Philosophical disquisitions

The global philosopher- Pandemic ethics podcast Radio 4


Global inequalities in the clinical approach to Covid-19 The BMJ

Covid-19 vaccine trials and the black community The New England Journal of Medicine

Should individuals be prioritised for Covid-19 vaccinations based upon their socio-economical backgrounds? The Independent

Structural Racism, White Fragility, and Ventilator Rationing Policies The Hastings Center

Covid-19 in humanitarian settings: addressing ethics to reduce moral distress The BMJ

Opinion piece from Dr Harald Schmidt on the rationing of ventilators and its biased outcomes on particular minority groups  The New York Times

Vaccine passports- A form of unethical coercion?Angelus News

Are Covid-19 vaccines a threat to liberty? Opinion piece The Guardian

Would Covid passports be damaging to public health? The Guardian

Covid-19 vaccine passports- cause for concern or hope? The Conversation

Short interview from Prof Steven Thrasher arguing that greater empathsis should be on global vaccine equity PBS News

Interview discusses article below:

Scientific American

Ethical questions arising surrounding Covid-19 vaccination passports Wedmd

Covid-19 vaccine passports- a tool to unlock the world or advance discriminatory behaviour  The New York Times

The Independent: WHO will not advance Covid-19 vaccination passports The Independent

Covid-19 vaccination passports- Ethical and Policy considerations The New England Journal of Medicine

BMJ opinion piece: Covid-19 vaccine passports and vaccine hesitancy: freedom or control?  The BMJ

‘Vaccine passports are tempting. They are also philosophically outrageous’ Philosophical opinion piece by Charles Foster Prospect Magazine