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Another successful IME virtual seminar with guest speaker @KavitaShahArora discussing co-authored recent article in @JME_BMJ.
If you missed it, the recording is now live on our website:

Proportionate force or restraint can be used in order to force a woman, suffering from agoraphobia, to attend hospital to give birth- a decision reached in her best interests. Was the right decision reached?
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I wrote a piece on the inappropriateness of the (very) common expression "to consent a patient" in the BMJ a while ago. It is here: As is the case for 99.9% of my articles, I suspect it made no a jot of difference in real life! Oh well.

Philippa Hammond@philippa_uk

@DanielSokol9 I don't like the linguistic suggestion that 'consent' is something you do to a patient.

It's something we give you after you have given us full, open, honest, truthful facts.

You don't do that = we can't consent.

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