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Indeed an excellent @IMEweb conference. Themes included resource allocation, equity, justice & fairness. Many fascinating contributions, including on vaccine challenge studies from @michaelethox & on dying well from @drkathrynmannix - thoughtful, reflective, sensitive & caring.

Miranda MacFarlane@MirandaGKayM

Fantastic conference @IMEweb #PandemicEthics. The importance of justice, community engagement, and consideration for vulnerable groups is stark: disability, mental health, minority, front-line workers, elderly, children, students...

Interesting contribution by @Marion_InfoLaw on #Covid19UK app at @IMEweb #PandemicEthics conf. She & Voo Teck Chuan mentioned concerns about scope/surveillance creep. Singapore app being used for criminal investigations. How might tracing be used in UK without ethical safeguards?

Dr Marion Oswald@Marion_InfoLaw

Thanks @IMEweb for invite to speak at today's 'Ethics Lessons from the Pandemic' webinar. Initial @omddac interviews found concern re quality/understanding of data used to justify decisions & its presentation as objective + how privacy concerns have impacted public health actions

Fresh requests are being made to the government for further legal protection for medics who are tasked with making decisions surrounding Covid-19. Esp in cases considering withdrawing/withholding treatment @TheBMA @MPS_Medical

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