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As a charitable organisation we promote and support the impartial study and understanding of medical ethics and its integration into clinical practice through education, research, and publication.

Registration for the IME student conference: The Ethical Minefields of a Global Pandemic is now open!

Join us for what promises to be an engaging event with lots of interesting speakers and workshops!
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In case you missed our fantastic conference last week on the ‘Ethics Lessons from a Pandemic’, then don’t hesitate to catch up on all of the sessions on our website

Experts unconvinced by Lord Sumption's lockdown ethics. Some more of my own and John Coggon ⁦@CHLSBristol⁩ thoughts on the value of life in a pandemic. ⁦@AstonPress⁩ ⁦@AstonSSH⁩ ⁦@AstonSap⁩ ⁦@IMEweb⁩ ⁦@RCPLondon⁩

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