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Student Conference recordings

The 2021 Student Conference took place online on Saturday 27th February 2021; these are the recordings from the day.

By Phil Greenwood · March 1, 2021

Huge thanks to the IME Student Council for planning and running the event.


Session 1

Introduction from Tinaye Mapako

Dr Paquita de Zulueta (from 6 mins 40 seconds)

Leah Lam & Lucy Pinder (from 44 mins 20 seconds)

Paquita de Zulueta Presentation Slides – Pandemics & Ethics

Session 2

Student Debate Competition

Student Speeches
Considering oneself within the ethical minefield: An autoethnography of student volunteering during COVID-19 – Freya Rhodes, The University of Sheffield (from 33 mins 28 seconds)

Is it morally acceptable to not allow the Next of Kin of a DNACPR Patient to visit prior to a high-risk surgery during a pandemic? – Robert Jones, Swansea University (from 54 mins 27 seconds)

A Different Approach to Medical Decision-Making in Difficult Circumstances: Kittay’s Ethics of Care – Liam Butchart, Stony Brook University (from 1 Hour, 12 mins 25 seconds)

Use of tissue from assisted suicide for research – Questions of ethics and Legality – Matthew James Peakman, University of Bristol (from 1 Hour, 26mins 18 seconds)


The posters submitted to the event can be viewed here