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IME Conference 2022 ‘Being Heard’ – Posters

Following a Call for Abstracts for the 2022 IME Conference 'Being Heard' the below were selected for display in the poster session at the event.

By philg · June 16, 2022

Infant male circumcision: An ethical and legal dilemma

Produced by Awyas Nasim (Medical Student, University of Manchester)

File name : IME-Poster-2022-Awyas-Nasim-Ethics.pdf

The Power of ‘Personhood’: How Do We Ontologise the Other?

Produced by Jonathan Adams (Postgraduate student, King’s College London)

New GMC guidance on consent to ‘share information about reasonable alternatives, including the option to take no action’; is this practical? Results from stone clinic

Produced by Miss Jenni Lane (Core Surgical Trainee, University of Southampton Hospital), Professor BK Somani (Professor & Consultant of Urology, University Hospital Southampton), Miss Elizabeth Brewin (Paediatric Surgery Clinical Fellow, University Hospital Southampton), Mr RA Wheeler (Consultant Neonatal & Paediatric Surgeon, Associate Medical Director, Department of Clinical Law, University Hospital Southampton)

File name : Lane-J-IME-Poster.pdf

Challenging the Moral Status of Advance Directives for Dementia: A Care Ethics Model

Produced by William Choi (Master’s Student, Harvard Medical School)

Good Medical Practice: a case for strengthening ethics education through a study of the recent Fitness to Practice cases

Produced by Ben Sharples (Medical Student, University of Sheffield), Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt (Lead for Professionalism and Patient Safety, University of Sheffield)