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Bi-Weekly Round Up: 7th September 2021

It would be remiss to not highlight the ethical arguments and issues raised recently in connection with vaccinating against Covid-19, given the recent developments in the UK and changes in policy. This relates to vaccinations for children aged 12-15 years old, the introduction of vaccination passports and the mandatory vaccination condition being introduced for employees in care home and potentially a few additional settings.

By Comfort King · September 7, 2021

1.’Children could override parents’ decision on vaccines, says Zahawi’

Gillick competence: appropriate for use when considering capacity to consent to a Covid-19 vaccination for 12-15 year olds?

2. We Should Vaccinate Children in High-income Countries Against COVID-19, Too

Cogent analysis of arguments commonly used in objection to vaccinating children aged 12-15 years old against Covid-19.

3.Covid in Scotland: Vaccine passport benefits ‘outweigh concerns’

Vaccination passports: A tool for infection control or state control?
What are your thoughts?

4. No Jab, No Job? Ethical Issues in Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel

Fantastic commentary in the BMJ Global Health Journal discussing the ‘no jab, no jab’ policy (mandatory vaccination of health care workers).