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Bi-Weekly Round Up: 5th October 2021

For this edition of our bi-weekly round up, we take a look at read-worthy and interesting journal articles that have recently been published online or will soon be assigned an issue. These articles, published within prominent and relevant journals, are sure to challenge and engage you. Read, bookmark them and share!

By Comfort King · October 5, 2021

1. Surrogacy and uterus transplantation using live donors: Examining the options from the perspective of ‘womb-givers’

An explorative piece focusing on two methods of assisted gestation: gestational surrogacy and uterus transplantation.  This article eloquently analyses the perspective of the ‘uterus-giver’ and discusses the notion of bodily integrity, informed consent and autonomy within both practices.

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2. Individual moral responsibility for antibiotic resistance

An article, within the prominent and respected journal Bioethics, addressing the claim that taking actions to minimize antibiotic resistance is everyone’s responsibility, in light of individual moral responsibility.

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3. Is It Ethical to Mandate SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations among Incarcerated Persons?

A fantastic article asking difficult questions about a particular sect of society, who may be seen to be vulnerable.

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4. Rationing, racism and justice: advancing the debate around ‘colourblind’ COVID-19 ventilator allocation

An exploration of a proposed ‘just’ approach to allocating ventilators that does not disproportionately disadvantage the black community.

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