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Bi-weekly Round up: 19th April 2021

For our new bi-weekly round up, here are four articles to read and digest in your spare time. Enjoy!

By Comfort King · April 21, 2021

1. Mandating Covid-19 vaccination in children- arguments in favour.

A compelling article written by Lisa Forsberg and Anthony Skelton within Practical Ethics

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2. Is it time to bring ethical reflection into the debate surrounding the implementation of guidelines managing the Covid-19 pandemic?

Fantastic and topical analysis published in The Lancet by Henri-Corto Stoeklé, Achille Ivasilevitch and Christian Hervé

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3. Is it okay to manipulate individuals into having the Covid-19 vaccination?

Does the ‘good’ justify the means?  Are your ethics challenged after reading this article in The Conversation by Maximilian Kiener

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4. Moral obligations in conducting stem cell-based therapy trials for autism spectrum disorder.

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Extended article discussing the ethical objections and moral considerations surrounding stem cell clinical trials for patients with ASD.

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