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Bi-Weekly Round Up: 12th July 2021

This edition focuses on the ethics of 4 niche areas. At first glance, the ethical issues may not immediately be apparent, but upon delving deeper the ethical dilemmas and conflicting stances become clear.

By Comfort King · July 13, 2021

1. Ethics of split liver transplantation: should a large liver always be split if medically safe?

Split liver transplantation- ethically justifiable to benefit the greatest number of individuals even if it leads to a reduction in being able to offer whole liver transplantations to larger adult patients?

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2. Covid-19: Judge gives permission for NHS trust to remove life support from patient

Another devastating case involving the withdrawal of life support in the presence of religious objections from the patient’s family (further complicated by the consideration for Covid-19 and related resource allocation issues).

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3. Second-hand smoke: when you work in others’ homes, where do their rights end and yours begin?

For consideration for those who undertake home visits within their clinical roles e.g. health care professionals conducting home visits.

Who’s rights are trumped when considering the right to smoke within one’s own home vs. the right to work in an environment free from second-hand smoke and one that is not hazardous to an individual’s health.

Where do you stand in this ethical debate?

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4. Reporting restrictions in end of life cases: anonymity for treating clinicians

Should clinicians be entitled to anonymity when considering media coverage for cases regarding end of life decisions for children? Or is anonymity preventing ‘whistle-blowing’ and legitimate scrutiny of clinical practice?

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And finally, one for those with IME membership (Sign up here).

5. Lord Sumption and the values of life, liberty and security: before and since the COVID-19 outbreak

An interesting critical analysis of points raised by prominent figure Lord Sumption, former Justice of the Supreme Court, regarding Covid-19 restrictions, the sanctity of life and the duty to protect others within society.

Are all lifes of equal value?

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