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Bi-weekly Round up: 5th April 2021

For our bi-weekly round up, why not catch up on five timely and thought-provoking articles. All articles eloquently convey ethical and legal arguments for particularly contentious topics, such as abortion, consenting for treatment for minors and minimising harm from vaccination schemes. Enjoy!

By Comfort King · April 5, 2021

1. Puberty blocker medication for children- Clarification

A short piece by Prof Dominic Wilkinson laying out the recent development from the High Court, clarifying in which circumstances permission from court should be sought when initiating puberty blocker medication.

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2. Shutting down vaccine rollouts in response to health scares

Analysis of the ethics of shutting down vaccination rollouts in response to safety concerns- recently seen in the case of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in parts of Europe.

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3. Abortion rights- Northern Ireland

An opinion piece from Susan Mckay in response to the challenge on reproductive rights for women in Northern Ireland by the lack of provision of abortion services.

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4. Abortion rights- Westminster intervening

Another article discussing the provision of abortion services and the intervention of Westminster.

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5. WHO Guidance- ethics within pandemics and outbreaks

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An extended essay critically analysing the WHO guidance on ethics in outbreaks and pandemics.

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