Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is responsible for the strategic direction and vision of the IME alongside ensuring the charity meets its legal responsibilities. The Board is made up of elected Trustees, the President and Vice-Presidents plus representatives from the Postgraduate Student Council and Student Council.

Ferdinand Boucher

Student Council Rep

Prof Kenneth Boyd

Honorary Vice-President

Dr Ruth Bromley

Trustee, member of Conference Committee, member of Education Committee

Jessica Brown

Postgraduate Student Council Rep

Prof Alastair Campbell

Honorary Vice-President

Dr Silvia Camporesi

Senior Lecturer in Bioethics and Society, King's College London

Dr Lucy Frith

Trustee, Chair of Research Committee

Prof Raanan Gillon

Trustee & President

Dr Carwyn Hooper


Dr Wing May Kong

Trustee & Chair

Prof Roger Higgs

Honorary Vice-President

Prof Margaret Lloyd

Trustee, Vice-President, Chair of Grants & Awards Committee

Chantal Patel


Dr Alexis Paton


Dr Anne-Marie Slowther

Trustee, member of Grants & Awards Committee

Prof Gordon Stirrat

Trustee, Vice-President

Julie Stone

Trustee, member of Education Committee, member of Grants & Awards Committee

Georgia Testa

Trustee, Secretary & member of Education Committee

Bryan Vernon

Rev Bryan Vernon

Trustee and Treasurer

Chris Whitehouse