Call for Abstracts – IME 2023 National Conference

By philg · November 30, 2022

Fairness in Challenging Times in Health and Health Care – 2023 IME National Conference

6th and 7th July 2023 – Horizon, Leeds, UK

How can we help academics, clinicians and our current learners sustain productive and effective working lives whilst managing the many competing demands upon resources? How can we act to mitigate the impact of the challenges we see? Which concepts matter and how will we apply them in practice? How must we act to secure the health and wellbeing of our populations in the coming decades? And can we, as individuals and as a society, live with the knowledge that with hard decisions comes risk of certain harm to some?

We will build on the theme of our very successful 2022 conference “Being Heard” by asking what fairness looks like when resources are stretched. In the ever deepening backdrop of a socioeconomic crisis, we will examine what fairness means for the NHS, its patients and our health & social care colleagues. Taking an intersectional approach, we will explore the ethical and legal considerations of justice, inclusivity and variability. With the help of esteemed speakers and contributors, we will analyse what good, safe, equitable care could and should look like in the coming years. We will ask ourselves what is necessary, what is achievable and where we should focus our best efforts to meet both individual and population need.

All this and more at ‘the UK’s friendliest conference’.

Confirmed speakers include:
Prof Chris Mounsey, University of Winchester,  UK
Havi Carel, University of Bristol, UK
Martha Albertson Fineman, Emory University School of Law,  USA
Felix Bongomin, Gulu University, Uganda
John Walsh,  Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, UK
Brandy Schillace, USA, Medical Humanities Editor in Chief
David Bosworth, University of Sheffield, UK

A call for abstracts for either oral presentations or posters at the Conference is now open. Submit your (up to) 300 word abstract for the IME National Conference before 23.59 on February 2nd, 2023 at:


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