December 7, 2022

Making Fertility Treatment Fair: Equality in Access, Equality in Outcome?

PET Annual Conference 2022


The conference – which will be held online from 9.15am-5.45pm (GMT) on Wednesday 7 December – will explore equality and fairness in the context of fertility treatment, and ask how barriers to treatment might be overcome.

There is an early bird discount on the attendance fee if you register by 15 October.

Conference sessions include:

  1. Breaking Down Barriers: Who Will Lead the Way?
  2. Flying the Flag for Fairness: How Do Countries Compare?
  3. Are Some Fertility Patients More Equal Than Others?
  4. Fertility Preservation: Windows of Opportunity

Confirmed conference speakers and chairs include:

  • Professor Dame Lesley Regan(Women’s Health Ambassador for England)
  • Julia Chain(Chair of the HFEA)
  • Professor Carlos Calhaz-Jorge(Chair of ESHRE)
  • Deborah Gold(Chief Executive of the National AIDS Trust)
  • Professor Imogen Goold(Professor of Medical Law at the University of Oxford)
  • Dr Andreas Tandler-Schneider(Head of the Fertility Centre Berlin)
  • Dr Diane De Neubourg(Head of Antwerp University Hospital’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine)
  • Vanessa Haye(writer and commentator on fertility and pregnancy)
  • Patrick Gordon(Consultant Andrologist and Urological Surgeon at Leeds Urology)
  • Dr Melanie Davies(Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at University College Hospital)
  • Professor Sheryl Homa(Scientific Director of Andrology Solutions)
  • Dr Mete Işıkoğlu(Director of the Gelecek Centre for Human Reproduction)
  • Natalie Gamble(Solicitor at NGA Law)
  • Dr Giulia Scaravelli(Director of the Italian National ART Register)
  • Andrew Powell(Specialist Family Law Barrister at 4 Paper Buildings)
  • Fiona Fox(Founder and Chief Executive of the Science Media Centre)
  • Sarah Norcross(Director of PET)

For further information, and to register for the conference, scroll to the bottom of this webpage listing PET’s upcoming events.