September 23, 2022 - October 7, 2022

BRIDGES:BKY Bioethics Webinar series on Empirical Bioethics

This Autumn, the Centre for Ethics in Medicine at The University of Bristol invites you to join their BRIDGES: BKY Bioethics Webinar series on Empirical Bioethics


The series will run from the 23rd September to 7th October.

Dr Giles Birchley, Professor Jonathan Ives, Professor Richard Huxtable online via Zoom

The series will run from the 23rd September to 7th October, and will feature six 90 minute sessions covering topics such as “Designing Empirical Bioethics”, “Epistemology and Empirical Bioethics”, “Data Gathering and Analysis in Empirical Bioethics”, “Literature Reviews in Bioethics” and more.

This series aims to provide an introduction to Empirical Bioethics, to help you build research networks, and to help build confidence for those wanting to embark on empirical bioethics research.

Further, the webinars will serve as a platform for you to discuss your own research with others and receive constructive feedback. If you are interested in learning more about empirical bioethics and meeting other like-minded researchers, then please join us. 

Please note, attendance is not mandatory across all of the series, and you can select as appropriate to your interests. Attendance is free, though numbers are limited to 60 per session.

For full details on each session, and to register your place, please visit our Eventbrite page

Workshop 1: What & Why on 23rd September 8:30-10:00

Workshop 2: Designing Empirical Bioethics Research on 26th September 8:30-10:00

Workshop 3: Epistemology and Empirical Bioethics on 28th September 8:30-10:00

Workshop 4: Literature Reviews in Bioethics on 30th September 9:00-10:30

Workshop 5: Data Gathering and Analysis in Empirical Bioethics on 5th October 8:30-10:00

Workshop 6: Writing and reporting Empirical Bioethics on 7th October 9:00-10:30

For further information on the BRIDGES:BKY project, please visit our website