June 5, 2024

Bioethics of sport – a critical examination of the current state of the sub-discipline

A British Philosophy of Sport Association online seminar

The next and final BPSA online seminar before the summer break will be on Wednesday June 5th at the usual time of 3pm (GMT) via zoom.

Matija Mato Skerbic, Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Matija will deliver a seminar titled “Bioethics of sport – a critical examination of the current state of the sub-discipline“.

The zoom link will be circulated to BPSA members* closer to the date.


In the last decade, Bioethics of Sport (BES) has become the most vibrant area of the philosophy of sport, in which scholars deal with ethical issues that can endanger the integrity and future of sports, such as the cases of intersex, transgender or cyborg athletes. To address these ethical concerns, sport needs an interdisciplinary network where ethics use help from other disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Technology, and Law. In this paper, I will provide a threefold critical overview of BES from the perspective of the definition, division, and methodology. Firstly, I will propose the definition of BES, because BES thus far was not defined or characterized properly (or at all). Secondly, I will propose widening the narrow thematic spectrum with four additional bioethical topics: a) sport, ecology, and environment; b) non-human animals and sport; c) vulnerability and d) compassion in sport and making BES divisions and contours clear and in a plausible order. Here, it is especially important to draw a clear distinction between ethics and bioethics of sport. Thirdly, I will raise the question of methodology – how does multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research work in BES academic research, with particular emphasis on the role of ethics in relation to the other disciplines?

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